Help Kingston WritersFest bring the artists that you want to see to Kingston!

Donate your Aeroplan miles to Kingston WritersFest. Your Aeroplan miles donation will be used help cover travel for our long-distance authors!

How it works
Individual members can make donations on a one-time basis or on an ongoing basis by earmarking 2% of their miles automatically every time they earn by updating their profile on

Making your miles matter
Where do your donated miles go? The Aeroplan member donation program allows approved charities, such as Kingston WritersFest, to establish an account through the program and set a specific goal for the number of Aeroplan Miles they want to raise through member donations.
Drawing from these donated Aeroplan Miles, Kingston WritersFest can then redeem within the Aeroplan Program for such things as author and moderator travel. 

Aeroplan Adds 10%
Your gift goes further! Each charitable donation made through the Aeroplan member donation program is topped up by a 10% contribution from Aeroplan. This applies for all donations to all accounts, all the time.

Visits Aeroplan’s donation page for full details.