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2. An Evening with Helen Humphreys

Zoom Webinar

Award-winning writer and former poet laureate of Kingston, Helen Humphreys brings us her newest grand and beautiful experiment in fiction: Rabbit Foot Bill. Set in a small prairie town, and based on a real-life story, it explores the ways people seek inner peace when their world has been upended. With an abiding love for, and […]

4. Elevator Pitch: “Mega Drop” Fiction

Zoom Webinar

With his signature tantalizing plot and gut-churning tension, Linwood Barclay offers Elevator Pitch, a best-selling novel that provides the thrill of a big drop fairground ride. A Manhattan office tower elevator falls from the top floor to the bottom, killing all its occupants. Next thing you know, another falls the next day, and then another. […]

Guest Storytime – Pokko and the Drum by Matthew Forsythe

Zoom Webinar

Join author and illustrator Matthew Forsythe for afternoon storytime, hosted by Kingston Frontenac Public Library. From E.B. White Read Aloud honor artist Matthew Forsythe comes a picture book about a magical drum, an emerald forest, and the little frog who dares to make her own music. The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving […]

6. #MeToo: Reclaiming Women’s Power By Outing Rape Culture

Zoom Webinar

In her review of Robyn Doolittle’s powerful book, Had It Coming, author Erin Wunker writes, “Now, after the watershed of #MeToo, where do we go and how might we get there?” Sexual harassment and rape culture are the realities that women face daily, and Robyn and fiction writer Danielle Younge-Ullman piece apart from the complex […]

8. Reaching for Hope: Transformation of a World in Peril

Zoom Webinar

Can humanity pull itself back from the abyss of extinction? In Commanding Hope, Thomas Homer-Dixon, analytical philosopher and author of bestsellers The Ingenuity Gap, and The Upside of Down, offers a compelling corrective to a prevailing pessimism that it’s too late to stave off climate catastrophe and that it’s hopeless to attempt change in time […]

11. Poetry for Where We Find Ourselves

Zoom Webinar

“What a place we find ourselves in now. What a mad and dangerous universe of possibility.” (Matt Suddain, The Theatre of the Gods) Poets Gwen Benaway, Canisia Lubrin, and Sadiqa de Meijer open up the universe of possibility in their poetry. Gwen explores the everyday poetics of the trans feminine body, asking what it means […]

12. Diner Cuisine: Tradition and Taste from the Catskills

Zoom Webinar

Diner food is comfort food, and the Phoenicia Diner celebrates the regional produce and food traditions of the idyllic Catskills mountains region. American author Sara Franklin has made a study of the relationship of food and agriculture to identification with place through the lenses of local food traditions and generational memory. Joined by Kingston food […]

13. RDL: Black Lives Matter

Zoom Webinar

Black Lives Matter is currently at the forefront of the news cycle, with worldwide protests and shocking stories revealed almost daily of incidents of systemic racism. In recounting a year of personal experience of racism, Black anti-racism activist and author Desmond Cole offers his experience as a lens through which we can see ourselves clearly. […]

14. The Importance of Oral Histories in Reframing History

Zoom Webinar

How does oral history align with, or contradict, received history? Join oral history scholar Sara Franklin as she talks with Kingston writer Laura Murray about how oral history might serve as a useful tool in the current reassessment of what’s important to remember and celebrate. How does it contribute to revealing what has been buried, […]

16. What is Certain? Historical / Speculative Fiction

Zoom Webinar

“Certainty is the catalyst that turns attitude into action, bringing beliefs to life and imbuing them with meaning and consequence,” writes Zakary Tormala in the Harvard Business Review. Praised by the Chicago Tribune as “hypnotically beautiful”, Aislinn Hunter’s novel The Certainties is also described as “elegiac and heart-pounding”, “a love letter in the guise of […]

17. Couple Cold Snap: Fiction

Zoom Webinar

Award-winning author Shani Mootoo said in a NowToronto interview: “I am interested in the fact that no matter how closely you live with someone, you can never really know what is in their mind.” In Polar Vortex, lesbian couple Priya, a Trinidadian, and Alexandra, who is white, have moved to a home in the country. […]

19. The Big Idea

Zoom Webinar

Join Carol Off for a visionary exercise about what the future holds, with statistician Darrell Bricker, economist Jeff Rubin, novelist Catherine Bush, and Tessa McWatt. With unprecedented global upheaval, and huge challenges to be addressed – the ongoing health catastrophe of COVID-19, systemic and institutional racism, income instability, the rapaciousness of big business, and the […]

21. The Opposite of Identical: Fiction

Zoom Webinar

Annabel Lyon’s mysterious and heartbreaking new novel Consent centres on two pairs of sisters, one of them twins, whose lives become tangled together by tragedy. Saskia and Jenny may look alike, but the similarity is only skin-deep. Maddie and Sasha are sisters whose difficult relationship strains the notion of familial duty. Join award-winning novelist Annabel […]

23. In Praise of Paths: Finding Direction in Nature

Zoom Webinar

Perhaps you’re among the many who recently have taken to walking as means of stress relief. Norwegian author Torbjørn Ekelund understands the healing potential of walking paths and trails. With writer and dedicated walker Kate Kristiansen, Torbjørn reflects on the interdependence of paths and walkers, paths organically taking us through a natural environment to a […]

Guest Storytime – Sunny by Celia Krampien

Zoom Webinar

Join debut author and illustrator Celia Krampien for afternoon storytime, hosted by Kingston Frontenac Public Library. Sunny is an unforgettable, transcendent story about the true power of optimism. Most people would say there is nothing good about trudging to school on a rainy day. Most people would say that being carried away by the wind […]


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