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2. Capturing Your Adventure in Word and Image – WSS

For Kevin Vallely, adventure photographer/writers work differently than nature photographers or writers, where it's about waiting for the perfect moment to come to you. For an adventure photographer/writer, it's all about being immersed in the unknown and being ready to capture the story when it jumps at you – sometimes literally. Kevin shares his images and answers […]

10. Storytelling Through Food Photography – WSS

Harbourview Room Delta Hotels Kingston Waterfront, 1 Johnson St, Kingston

Wildly popular food blogger and chef  Dennis the Prescott (dennistheprescott.com) introduces you to the art of the story in images. Dennis believes that food photography presents a unique opportunity to tell your own story, your food philosophy, and your philosophy of image making, in one beautiful package. Carefully conceived and composed images are a kind […]

16. The Art of the Book: Calligraphy and Book Making – WS

Writer, visual artist, and calligrapher Amanda West Lewis offers a different kind of writing workshop, one that gives you a physical connection to writing and draws out your sense of the book as a tangible object, a source of pleasure, and a thing of beauty. And you’ll get the basics of the beautiful art of […]

19. Fictionalizing Famous Figures – WS

Master storyteller Eva Stachniak shows you how to capture that famous historical figure (or your great great grandmother) by creating a voice that rings true. She’ll discuss how much to depend on archival evidence, where to look for relevant historical details to bring your character to life, and how not to get bogged down by […]

21. Writing the First Page – WS

When browsing a bookstore, how many readers set aside a book after the first page? Agents and editors can be just as tough. But the good news is that they will all read the first page. Merilyn Simonds teaches you to craft an opening that plunges your readers irresistibly into your story. You’ll look at first lines, […]

27. Historical Research from Old Sources – WS *CANCELLED*

Please note this event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. KWF will be in touch with all ticket holders. Thank you. Although they can be challenging to find, accurate historical details from primary sources give your story or nonfiction piece credibility and contribute to your readers’ trust. Governor General’s Award winner, historian Karolyn Smardz-Frost, teaches […]

30. Writing Dialogue – WS

Dialogue can be daunting. Join award-winning author Pasha Malla in this hands-on workshop on how to write dialogue that evokes character, and that resonates with truth of voice. Pasha takes you through the dialogue in the classic short story “Gaston” by novelist and playwright William Saroyan, and talks about the tools used by the author, […]

33. Writing Good Sexy – WS *Sold Out!*

Short of segueing directly to the aftermath, how do you write sex scenes that avoid cliché, pretension, coyness, or awkwardness? Award-winning author Karen Connelly leads you past internal or external barriers to write beautiful, funny, powerful sex scenes. She explains how to treat your characters as subjects in action, rather than objects being acted upon. […]

37. Adapting Your Novel for Screen – WS

Five of Elan Mastai’s screenplays have been made into films, most recently “What If – a.k.a. The F Word”, which won the Canadian Academy Award and the Writers Guild of Canada Award for best screenplay. He’s also adapted his own first novel for screen. Elan gives you the nuts and bolts of compressing a novel […]

41. Nailing it: Define Your Character from the Opening Chapter – WS

NovelistMichelle Berry gives useful pointers about the fundamentals of a good opening chapter, and then moves on to how to explain how to develop great characters that leap off the page. She’ll assign a fun exercise: participants interview one another (questions will be provided) and then create an opening scene with a character that is based […]

45. New Writer’s Roundtable WSS

Veteran editor Patrick Crean leads this roundtable, open to all writers, beginners or published, to discuss strategies to get your work published. What do editors look for? What are the differences between over-the-transom and solicited submissions? How do you find the right publisher for your kind of work? What do you need to know about […]

1. Selling Your Story: Agent’s Pitch Assessment *REGISTRATION FULL*

Zoom Webinar

Hoping to land an agent for your brilliant work-in-progress or finished manuscript? Book your 10-minute time slot now for a chance to pitch your pet project to agent Stephanie Winter, of P.S. Literary Agency. The agency represents a diverse list of internationally published, award-winning, bestselling, and debut creators. Their client list ranges from literary and […]

9. Writing Outside the Box

Zoom Webinar

Molson Award-winning experimental fiction writer Diane Schoemperlen shares her “box of tricks”, offering techniques for opening yourself to experimentation with literary form by using the page in unique ways, re-imagining the arrangement of text on the page, or incorporating visual elements. For the non-adventurous or stuck writer, or one who feels creativity welling but isn’t […]

10. Writing the Real *SOLD OUT*

Zoom Webinar

*SOLD OUT* Award-winning author Joan Thomas investigates the literary sweet spot where imagination and actuality meet and cross-pollinate. As a class, you will look at the approaches of various novelists who treat real characters and events in forceful and contemporary ways. Joan talks about the research and writing processes she has developed when writing fiction […]

15. Oral Storytelling 101

Zoom Webinar

For anyone wishing to capture stories of elderly family members or special groups in the community, this is the perfect starter course. Oral historian Sara Franklin walks participants through the practice of collecting oral histories through interviews. Beginning with a brief overview of oral history theory and ethics, Sara invites you to engage several exercises: […]

20. Writing the Natural World *SOLD OUT*

Zoom Webinar

*SOLD OUT* Novelist, poet, and non-fiction author Helen Humphreys finds the natural world close to her heart these days, but her deep love for the natural world is manifest throughout her writing. In this class, Helen shares this passion with participants, sharing strategies in an informal talk that will be punctuated with a few short […]

22. Working with Negative Space in Fiction *SOLD OUT*

Zoom Webinar

*THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT* Award-winning novelist and professor of creative writing at UBC, Annabel Lyon leads this class. Borrowing from other artistic genres, the class looks at how the idea of negative space applies in prose fiction. With lecture and shared discussion of a reading, Annabel explains concepts of subtext, silence, and what goes […]