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7. Thriller Writing: Finding the Perfect Hook

Zoom Webinar

Have you ever purchased a book on the strength of the first sentence or paragraph? That’s the power of a hook. With the right statement or question, you can create a hook that readers can’t ignore. Master of the hook, Linwood Barclay talks about how to go about generating immediate curiosity and a desire in […]

WSS4. How to Read a Poem

Zoom Webinar

Many readers are intimidated by the idea of poetry. Whether the hesitancy stems from memories of verses recited in boring monotone in English classes or fear of an indecipherable maze of impenetrable imagery, poetry isn’t always our first choice for recreational reading. In this free and friendly seminar, Kingston’s Poet Laureate Jason Heroux will offer […]

WSS5. Doing the Research

Zoom Webinar

The inspiration for writing about historical events can come from anywhere. For Catherine Fogarty, it was a chance encounter with a “This Day in History” column in a national newspaper that led her to write Murder on the Inside: The True Story of the Deadly Riot at Kingston Penitentiary. But a spark alone won’t get […]


WSS8. Building a Productive Writing Group

Zoom Webinar

The Villanelles are a super-supportive, tight-knit community of authors who write poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and children’s literature, and workshop each other’s poetry and prose on a regular basis. They know that insightful, productive writer’s groups don’t happen by accident; they’re built by hard-working writers. In this one-hour panel, the Villanelles share tools and perspectives […]


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