Adwoa Badoe trained and practiced as a physician in her native Ghana, but since coming to Canada, she has naturally evolved into an author, storyteller, educator, and African dance artist whose vibrant and infectious performances make her hugely popular with children and adults alike.

Adwoa’s first children’s book, Crabs for Dinner, was published in 1995. Since then she has published over 14 books, including The Queen’s New Shoes, The Pot of Wisdom (a collection of Ananse Stories) and Nana’s Cold Days.

A versatile performer, Adwoa has entertained audiences with her story telling at the Toronto Story Telling Festival; the Montreal Story Telling Festival; the Eden Mills Writers Festival, and many more. In collaboration with Kwame Badoe she wrote the story for The Dance of the Elifons—a sleep tape for children. She has also written, choreographed and directed The River Bride, an African dance and drum spoken word performance, and she is in much demand as a leader of team–building workshops for young people.

Adwoa’s latest book, Between Sisters, is the complex and nuanced story of sixteen–year–old Gloria, whose impoverished family is thrilled when a distant relative offers to look after her in exchange for child’minding duties. “Nudged into a corrupt world where adults prey on young girls for sexual favours, Gloria slips but regains her balance in a journey that is both a captivating glimpse of life in Ghana and a universal picture of an adolescent in difficult circumstances trying to make her way,” says the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, commending Adwoa for her “marvellous writing style.”

Adwoa lives in Guelph, where she enjoys the enthusiastic support of her family.

Photo Credit: Peter Kelly