Aislinn Hunter is a poet, teacher and author of eight novels, including Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize winner and New York Times Editor’s Choice The World Before Us. Aislinn’s novel Stay has been adapted into a feature film that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Her most recent book, The Certainties, tells the story of three World War II refugees and their interactions with a young Spanish girl, reflecting on migrant experiences and the devastating impacts of war.

“Once in a rare while a novel comes along to remind us of what great fiction can do: creating a world so sublimely felt that, for the hours we spend reading, we are lifted out of our own lives, and when we return we find ourselves immeasurably altered and enriched,” says fellow author Helen Humphreys. The Guardian (UK) notes how Aislinn “writes with crispness, precision and a restrained nod to the poetic,” while author John McGregor observes her “novelist’s eye for narrative” and “poet’s ear for detail.”

Aislinn served as a Canadian War Artist in 2018, working for NATO and the Canadian Armed Forces. She lives in Vancouver and teaches creative writing.

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Appearing in: 16. What is Certain? Historical/Speculative Fiction