“Allison Chisholm’s poems are plain-talking spirals of wit and description. She walks the reader along a path of surprises—a straightforward line steps to another straightforward line, but getting there involves Escher-like angles.” — author Alice Burdick.

Allison is a poet, photographer, and former Hawaiian dream pop glockenspiel player whose poetry has appeared in The Northern Testicle Review, the chap-poem The Dollhouse, The Week Shall Inherit The Verse, and the chapbook On the Count of One.

On the Count of None is her first full-length poetry collection. Alison explains that the poems in this debut explore “the juxtaposition between the serious and the absurd.” The Winnipeg Free Press praises the work as being “filled with surprising turns and sly imagery,” with “something for every reader, even their horoscopes.” Author Nelson Ball commends her “deadpan humour,” stating that “there are lots of rewards among these lines,” a sentiment echoed by author Jaime Forsythe who notes the “surprising pleasures tucked into these succinct poems.”

Allison Chisholm lives and writes in Kingston, Ontario.

Author Patron: Steve Page

Appearing in: 47. And the Journey Continues

Website: www.anvilpress.com/authors/allison-chisholm
Book: www.anvilpress.com/Books/on-the-count-of-none