Asha Varadharajan is Associate Professor of English at Queen’s University.  She is the author of Exotic Parodies: Subjectivity in Adorno, Said, and Spivak . Her writing and public speaking engage the broad sweep of postcolonial, cosmopolitan, global, secular, rights, migration and development debates. Her essays have appeared in numerous publications such as The Puritan, Cultural StudiesCollege LiteratureUniversity of Toronto QuarterlyModern Language Quarterly, and Decolonization and Feminisms in Global Teaching and Learning.  She has contributed chapters to books on human rights, biopolitics, and intercultural discourse. The most fun she has had writing was while composing her chapter on Eric Idle for the Dictionary of Literary Biography. The most chuffed she has been lately was when her students nominated her for the W.J. Barnes award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.

Asha is appearing in event 8. Generations of Exile: Losing Tibet