The Voaden Prize is a national playwriting competition. It was established in 1993 and held its first competition in 1997. The Voaden Prize is offered biennially. In 2023, Ah Wing and the Automaton Eagle took first prize. The play was written by Brandon Zang (he/him), a sci-fi and fantasy playwright who uses worldbuilding to distance, deconstruct, and dissect the complex issues of today. An immigrant from Tianjin, China, Brandon’s plays are often stories about longing & belonging, beautiful nightmares, and trying your best. He is currently completing his MFA in playwriting at Boston University under the mentorship of Nathan Alan Davis, Ronan Noone, and Melinda Lopez, and he holds a BA from the University of Chicago. Check out Brandon’s work on New Play Exchange and his website

Appearing in 16. Voaden Prize Stage Reading