“Poetry happens for me in a moment of arrest. I am literally captured by an instinct, by a feeling, by a thought, by some frequency of poetic energy”, says author Canisia Lubrin, “… I basically give into that.”

Canisia has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction and criticism in Arc Poetry Magazine, Room, The Globe & Mail and numerous other publications. She serves as poetry editor of The Humber Literary Review, consulting editor with Buckrider Books/Wolsak & Wynn, and as an Open Book Ontario advisor. She is the 2017-2018 Poetry in Voice Poet in Residence, and co-artistic director and co-host of Pivot Readings. She holds an MFA from the University of Guelph-Humber, where she was mentored by Dionne Brand, and teaches English at Humber College.

In her debut poetry collection Voodoo Hypothesis, Canisia uses modern language and folklore to explore race, oppression and colonialism, challenging the construct of “blackness” and the systemic stereotypes that paint black people as inferior, “evil” and “savage.” The book was shortlisted for the Raymond Souster Award. Vallum Magazine calls it “one of the most artful and influential works to emerge in Canada in 2017. It raises the bar for what can be expected of debut collections.”

Born in St. Lucia, Canisia lives in Whitby, Ontario.

Appearing in: The Beginning, the End, and the Middle: Poetry

Website: www.wolsakandwynn.ca/authors-all/canisia-lubrin
Book: www.bookstore.wolsakandwynn.ca/products/voodoo-hypothesis