Celia Krampien is a Canadian illustrator and author. She grew up in the forest, surrounded by trees and wildlife, and her appreciation for natural beauty is evident in her art.

Celia’s latest book, Sunny, is her first authored and illustrated picture book. “Sweet and bright, like the sun on a stormy day” (Kirkus) it is “a gentle, inviting, and creative little story” (Canadian Review of Materials). The main character can be seen splashing across the pages in her yellow rain gear, positivity shining through as her situation gets more and more dire. “Told with tongue-in-cheek, understated humour, Sunny’s narration never drowns in preciousness or succumbs to sappiness.” (Quill & Quire)

Celia also illustrated Here to There and Me to You, My Family Four Floors Up, and Shadow Warrior, along with numerous book jackets, and freelance and newspaper illustrations.

She lives in St. Catherine’s, Ontario with her partner, their cat, and their beagle.

Website: www.celiakrampien.com
Book: www.services.raincoast.com/scripts/b2b.wsc/featured?hh_isbn=9781250316608&ht_orig_from=raincoast

Appearing in: Guest Storytime: Sunny by Celia Krampien