“I’ve always believed those who leave their comfort zones will find an unexpected beauty, a new opportunity, a connection that leads them to something greater,” says Claire Bouvier, “a happiness that is found outside the worlds of mediocrity.”

Claire clearly practices what she preachers. Her background includes teaching, music, sports, fashion, design, travel, photography, art directing and creative design. For the past ten years, Claire has been working to help women leave their comfort zone and reach their full potential through the arts and entrepreneurship. Her projects include The Loft Girls, a mobile fashion boutique that features vintage, custom, and local handmade items, and FEiST Canada, which helps build communities for female entrepreneurs in small towns across Canada.

Her television show, FEIST-Y (Bell Fibe TV1), has Claire meeting with some of Kingston’s most “interesting and eclectic personalities.” Claire’s photography draws inspiration from the hashtag Spread Your Awesome, and her belief that life should be about dedicating moments of your day to creativity and curiosity. Her professional photography portfolio spans the globe, from North America to Asia to Europe, and she has been praised for her “natural and instinctive flair for visual storytelling.”

Claire lives in Kingston, Ontario.

Appearing in: 42.Visual Storytelling

Website: www.clairebouvier.com