For decades, political strategists tapped into the creative brain trust of the advertising world to uncover new ways of reaching and persuading voters, in a one-way flow of knowledge from Madison Avenue to Washington. But today, says leading marketing strategist Clive Veroni, the tide is turning.

In our age of social media and digital communication, where anyone with a smartphone is a potential broadcaster or publisher, marketers have to scramble to communicate in a whole new way. And they’re taking those lessons from the world of politics. Good night, Don Draper. Welcome to the world of Borgen.

Clive’s new book, Spin: How Politics Has the Power to Turn Marketing On Its Head traces the history and implications of this important transformation. “Delightfully captivating and riveting, this is a must-read for marketers and political strategists and is highly recommended for all consumers,” says Publisher’s Weekly. “A smart, entertaining romp, lush with insight and example. Read it and reap,” adds William Thorsell, Editor in Chief of the Globe and Mail.

Formerly a successful advertiser himself, Clive now consults on brand positioning, marketing strategies, new product development, and advertising to a wide variety of blue-chip clients across North America. Born in South Africa, these days he makes his home in Toronto.

Appearing in 21. Spin: How Politics Drives Marketing