Dan Graham has had his nose stuck in books for 30 years, as a reader, a designer, and now a printer.

Though he started in marketing and public relations, Dan quickly moved to graphic design, opening a design studio in Kingston in 1977, at a time when few knew what a graphic designer did or why they might need one. After a decade of design, he moved into printing.

Dan is currently sales manager of Allan Graphics Ltd., in Kingston, a commercial printing company that recently moved into both press-printed and Print-On-Demand books. In the past decade, he has been involved in printing novels, family histories, monthly magazines, art catalogues, cook books, coffee-table books and a range of periodicals for Queen’s University.

Dan has taught graphic design at St. Lawrence College and developed a course called Printing Practices that taught design students how to interact with printers and gain a better understanding of printing. He brings his teaching experience and his vast knowledge of printing to the master class on self-publishing where he says, "There is no such thing as a stupid question."