Danielle McNally, bookseller at Ben McNally Books in Toronto, was pretty much born into the business. The daughter of Ben McNally, Danielle, along with her brother Rupert, started working at the store when she was sixteen years old.  

“I love talking to readers,” she says. “I love interacting with a variety of people who have such different views and opinions on things. I find that as long as we have one thing in common (a love of books!), all the differences become bridges to cross, and lead us to better understandings.” 

Danielle is the founder of the In Her Voice event series, which celebrates women and non-binary writers, and aims to shine a light on the complex process of writing and getting a book to publication.  

Danielle is supported by Author Patron Jo-Anne Lachapelle-Beyak.

 Appearing in: 15. Book Lovers’ Banquet