Darcy Whitecrow is Ojibwe and Dakota; he is a member of the Seine River First Nation band in Northwestern Ontario, where he lives. Darcy practices traditional lifestyles like trapping, fishing, and ricing, as well as traditional spirituality in both the Midewiwin and Sundance traditions. With his partner, Kim, they have started a non-profit, Grey Raven Ranch, where they have been raising and caring for the Ojibwe Horses for the last decade to help preserve the breed and the tradition of symbiotic interaction with the Ojibwe people.

In Runs With the Stars, cowritten with Heather M O’Connor and illustrated by Lenny Lischenko, Darcy Whitecrow weaves the history of the wild-roaming Ojibwe horses together with the intergenerational story of an Ojibwe seven-year old and their grandfather. A moving children’s picture book, Runs With the Stars illustrates the loving bond between human and animals.

When asked what message he hopes kids take away from the book, Darby answered, “It is easy to strop connecting with nature in this age of technology. I am hoping that kids make that connection nature and the horses. That’s so important in today’s society.”

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5. Runs with the Stars: Preserving Indigenous Stories 

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