Deborah Dundas is a writer, television producer, book editor of the Toronto Star, and a journalist with over 18 years of experience. Her work has appeared in numerous publications in Canada, the UK, and Ireland including Maclean’sThe Globe and MailThe National PostCanadian Notes and QueriesThe Belfast Telegraph, and The Sunday Independent. Deborah grew up poor and almost didn’t make it to university. In her book On Class, she talks to writers, activists, those who work with the poor, and those who are poor about what happens when we don’t talk about poverty or class—and what will happen when we do.

Author Heather O’Neill praises the book, saying “I really enjoyed Deborah Dundas’s small and brave book On Class. She addresses the need to speak about the different classes in Canada, and the ways it is almost impossible to cross their divides.” Open Book calls it “urgent and wise, written with Dundas’ trademark wit and crisp prose. Raw and smart, it urges readers not to look away from the complexity of issues affecting the poor and working class, especially in a time of constant political, economic, and social turmoil.”

Deborah attended York University for English and Political Science and has an MFA in Creative Non-fiction from the University of King’s College. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter and their loving, grumpy cat Jumper.

Appearing in 9. We Don’t Talk About Class.