The Dewey Divas (and Dudes) are a highly–trained team of stealth agents intent on infiltrating your reading list. In fact, they are a group of Canadian publishing insiders who travel the world—or Canada, at least—to “book talk” their favourite reads of the upcoming season. In a lively presentation that runs through a dozen books, they reveal the secrets of new season’s blockbusters, midlist favourites, hidden gems, books for reluctant readers, and best picks for
book clubs. It’s much too much fun to take notes, so they thoughtfully provide handouts on the books they discuss.

The Dewey Divas also love to recommend movies, new DVDs, restaurants, and the latest quilting or knitting shops they discover on the road. Since they read far more books than they ever have time to talk about in their presentations, they set up a blog to continue their recommendations, and meet other bookish travellers.

2009 winners of the Ontario Public Library Association’s Leadership in Adult Readers’ Advisory Award, the Dewey Divas win praise wherever they go. Join Divas Maylin Scott and Ann Ledden for the Book Lovers’ Lunch this year.

“ . . . witty and entertaining. I was amazed at how many titles they covered!”

“The energy of the reps was contagious. Fun, enthusiastic, informed . . .”

“The best for me was hearing about the lesser known gems . . .”

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