A self-described “renegade scientist,” Diana Beresford-Kroeger brings together ethnobotany, horticulture, spirituality, and alternative medicine to reveal a path toward better stewardship of the natural world.

In her new documentary film, Call of the Forest – The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees, Diana shares her ambitious Bioplan, encouraging ordinary people to develop a new relationship with nature, to join together to replant the global forest. Exploring forests in the Northern Hemisphere from the sacred sugi and cedar forests of Japan to the great boreal forest of Canada, Diana shares the amazing stories behind the history and legacy of these ancient forests while also explaining the science of trees and the irreplaceable roles they play in protecting and feeding the planet.

Diana is also an accomplished author, with five titles to her name. Her most recent collection of essays, The Sweetness of a Simple Life: Tips for Healthier, Happier and Kinder Living Gleaned from the Wisdom and Science of Nature, offers advice on everything from the benefits of eating black walnuts and sleeping more to eschewing industrial food.

“Diana convincingly interweaves her scientific expertise and her extensive knowledge of ancient aboriginal wisdom and practices,” writes renowned physicist and University of Toronto professor emeritus Dr. Ursula Franklin.

Of Diana’s previous book, The Global Forest: Forty Ways Trees Can Save Us, an international bestseller, Quill and Quire noted: “Beresford-Kroeger’s own writing emulates the storyteller’s oral tradition, which proves to be an effective means of presenting pithy and sometimes radical ideas.”

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