When Elizabeth MacLeod was a child, it never entered her mind that she might one day become an author. Yet writing was already part of her daily existence. On school nights, instead of doing homework, her brother would sometimes draw pictures of weird creatures and slip them under her closed door. Liz couldn’t draw, so the only way she could rise to his challenge was by writing stories. In the hilarity that ensued, “not a lot of homework got done,” she admits. But writing became her way of exploring the world.

Since then, she has worked as a magazine and in-house editor as well as written more than fifty books—including biographies, picture books, engaging histories, and even cookbooks for kids.

“No matter what the subject, I enjoy discovering incredible information and fantastic facts,” she says.

She calls that quality “nosiness,” but it serves her readers well. Take, for example, Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries. The winner of numerous awards, including the Crime Writers of Canada 2014 Arthur Ellis Award in the Juvenile/YA category, the book was also a huge, popular success with kids.

Liz’s latest, Galloping Through History: Incredible True Horse Stories combines her outstanding storytelling skills with her passion for history. This time her love of animals also shines through as she recounts the stories of six horses that changed the way humans live, travel, fight, work, and play.

Elizabeth lives in Toronto with her husband and her cat. She loves reading, eating caramel cookies, laughing with old friends, Lord Peter Wimsey, and the colour blue.

Appearing in 6.Finding Facts for Non-Fiction and as an Authors@School author.

Web: www.annickpress.com/author/Elizabeth-MacLeod