Why are there so few women in politics? Why is public space, whether it’s the street or social media, still so inhospitable to women? What does Carrie Fisher have to do with Mary Wollstonecraft?

Award-winning novelist and journalist Elizabeth Renzetti looks at these and other questions in her new collection of original essays, Shrewed: A Wry and Closely Observed Look at the Lives of Women and Girls. Drawing upon her decades of reporting on feminist issues, Shrewed focuses on “activists and politicians and novelists and every-day Janes who are making waves, big and small.” From Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign to the quest for equal pay, from the lessons we can learn from “old ladies” to the future of feminism in a turbulent world, Elizabeth takes a pointed, witty look at how far women have come — and how far we have to go.

A columnist for The Globe and Mail, over the years Elizabeth has reported from Toronto, Los Angeles, and London. She is also the author of the bestselling novel Based on a True Story, which was a finalist for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. She lives in Toronto with her husband, author and Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders, and their two children.

Appearing in: With Her: Wry Observations of a Feminist, Writing Prose with Punch and Wit

Website: www.elizabethrenzetti.com
Book: www.houseofanansi.com/products/shrewed