Erica Fyvie makes her debut as an author of children’s non-fiction with Trash Revolution: Breaking the Waste Cycle. The book goes beyond the conventional wisdom about recycling to give a detailed explanation of the issue of waste – in landfills, oceans, and even outer space. By taking a look at the contents of a typical school backpack, Erica uses facts, analogies and humour to help kids understand the life cycle of materials and how to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Kirkus Reviews found Erica’s writing “approachable and interesting [leaving] readers with a sense of responsibility for the Earth’s future”, and the School Library Journal called it “endlessly informative and eminently readable, this book is an invaluable resource for students interested in the creation of goods and the resulting waste cycle.”

A freelance writer and blogger, Erica has worked as a script editor of films for children and an editor in educational publishing. She has degrees in English, drama, and film from the University of Guelph and York University. Erica lives in Toronto with her family and their cat, Marzipan.

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