Author, musician, documentary film maker, and retired teacher Glenn Dixon has traveled through more than seventy-five countries and written for National Geographic, the New York PostThe WalrusThe Globe and Mail, and Psychology Today. Glenn is the author of three books, including the W.O. Mitchell Award shortlisted Tripping the World Fantastic.

Juliet’s Answer, Glenn’s latest book, is a charming memoir about love and loss that has been described as Eat, Pray, Love meets Under the Tuscan Sun. “While I was putting the book together, it started to dawn on me that I was going to have to write about things that I didn’t want to write about,” Glenn confesses, “…my love life had been disastrous for a long time and I didn’t understand why. I talked to my agent about this and I talked to myself about this… I thought, “Do you really want to be a writer? Because this is what’s involved.” It means putting yourself out there and being honest and sometimes talking about things you don’t want to talk about.” The result is a refreshing take on the usual romantic travelogue that the Toronto Star says “gently smashes the stereotype of the stoic man and brings male suffering over affairs of the heart into focus”.

Appearing in: 29. Finding Truth in Fair Verona: Juliet, Shakespeare, & Love, 35. Saturday Night SpeakEasy