When asked about his predilection towards fantastic historical fiction, Guy Gavriel Kay explains that the genre “takes incidents out of a very specific time and place and opens up possibilities for the writer — and the reader — to consider the themes, the elements of a story, as applying to a wide range of times and places… And, paradoxically… it might actually be seen to apply more to a reader’s own life.”

Guy Gavriel Kay is the bestselling author of fourteen novels and a book of poetry. His titles include Tigana, The Lions of Al-Rassan, and Ysabel, which won the International Goliardos Prize and the World Fantasy Award. His work has been translated into more than 25 languages.

His latest work, A Brightness Long Ago, is set in a world evoking early Renaissance Italy, offering an extraordinary cast of characters — a healer, a powerful religious leader, a frivolous son — whose lives come together through destiny, love, and ambition. Kirkus Reviews praises it as “an epic tale filled with characters compelling enough to bear the weight of the high stakes,” and author Marina Endicott calls it “a diamond-bright jewel.”

Guy is a member of the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honor.

Author Patron: Zoe Yanovsky, Chez Piggy

Appearing in: 32. The Fiction of Guy Gavriel Kay: Where Fantasy and History

Website: www.brightweavings.com/
Book: www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/317337/a-brightness-long-ago-by-guy-gavriel-kay