Iain Reid began his career as the author of two critically acclaimed books of non-fiction—One Bird’s Choice and The Truth About Luck. His detour into fiction with I’m Thinking of Ending Things likely came as a surprise to his fans. “I wanted to do something very different,” admits Iain, “that would be, for me, a challenge and interesting.” He wasn’t the only one to find the book interesting. Simon & Schuster Canada snapped it up, signing him to a two-book deal. The novel was named an NPR Best Book of the Year, garnered rave reviews, and is currently being adapted for film by director Charlie Kaufman.

Foe, Iain’s sophomore novel, was optioned for film before the ink dried on the first copy. The mind-bending story centres on married couple Junior and Hen, whose quiet country existence is suddenly interrupted by news that Junior is going far, far away. Hen will remain, but will not be alone, she’s been provided with a companion, one she’ll find very familiar.

Iain’s work has appeared on NPR, CBC Radio, and in Kingston Life, The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, and The Classical. He is a recipient of the prestigious RBC Taylor Emerging Writer Award. Iain makes his home in Kingston.

Appearing in: Creeps and Chills: GripLit and the Movies

Website: www.simonandschuster.ca/authors/Iain-Reid
Book: www.simonandschuster.ca/books/Foe/Iain-Reid