Jay MillAr is the author of several books, including Mycological Studies, the small blue, esp: accumulation sonnets and Other Poems. His most recent book is Timely Irreverence, poetry collection that explores the intricate smallness of seemingly irrelevant things, including poems, poets, amoeba, geometry, patience, and television. ARC Poetry says of the collection, “MillAr’s poetry very much revels in the quiet of the everyday, of the domestic, in that William-Carlos-Williams or Robert-Creeley way of the meditatively immediate.” He is also the author of privately published editions, including Lack Lyrics, which won the bpNichol Chapbook Award. Jay is the co-publisher at Book*hug Press; he also curates Apollinaire’s Bookshoppe, a virtual bookstore that specializes in the books that no one wants to buy. For many years he taught poetry/poetics at Toronto New School of Writing.

Appearing in WR5. Publishing 101