Economist, author, and one of the world’s leading energy experts, Jeff Rubin is an engaging speaker who does not shy away from controversy. He was the chief economist and managing director of the investment bank CIBC World Markets for 20 years, and a contributing writer for The Globe and Mail and the Huffington Post. Most recently, he was made a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) think tank.

His previous books Why Your World is About to Get a Lot Smaller (a Canadian Business Book of the Year), The Carbon Bubble, and The End of Growth…But is That All Bad? provide insights into the effects of world energy markets and received international attention. The Financial Times opined that his background “brings a perspective to the debate that is original, engaging, and persuasive.”

In his latest book, The Expendables, he turns his attention to the plight of the middle class: “Growing global inequity is a problem of our making,” he says. “Free trade, global deregulation, and tax policies that benefit the rich all have the same effect: erosion of the middle class.”

Jeff Rubin lives and writes in Toronto.

Author Patrons: Virginia Gordon and Lynne Kenny


Appearing in: 19. The Big Idea: The End of Life as We Know it?