“More people have walked on the moon than have visited some of the places Jill Heinerth has explored, right here on earth.” Jill is an internationally renowned cave diver and the inaugural explorer-in-residence of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

While cave-diving is often described as the world’s most dangerous sport, it is primarily, for Jill, a way of discovering and sharing some of the most closely guarded mysteries of our planet. She describes it as “a deep spiritual experience” akin to “swimming through the lifeblood of the planet — the fresh water that nourishes what is the essence of life.” Director James Cameron describes Heinerth’s deep-sea adventures as “proof that real life is far more exciting than fiction.”

An accomplished photographer and cinematographer, Jill’s documentaries include We Are Water and Ben’s Vortex, as well as television series for PBS, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the BBC. In 2017, she received the Canadian Polar Medal for her remarkable scientific contributions to our understanding of polar regions. With the publication of her newest book, Into the Planet, Jill shares with us her experience, insights, and knowledge of the places where no man has ever gone before.

Author Patron: Harriet Waterman

Appearing in: 5. Diving Into the Planet

Website: www.intotheplanet.com/jill-heinerth
Book: www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/561272/into-the-planet-by-jill-heinerth