Fans of Karen Connelly might be surprised by the subject matter of her latest tale. “My last four books are heartbreakers,” admits Karen, “they explore how adults and children survive (and do not survive) violent rupture: war, dictatorial repression, imprisonment, physical and mental abuse… I needed to enjoy and delight in my work again… Most of us do not openly celebrate pleasure and delight; as adults, we forget how to play. In The Change Room, I relearn how to play—and guess what? IT’S SO MUCH FUN!”

 Karen is the prize-winning author of eleven books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, including the GGLA nominated memoir Burmese Lessons, and the novel, The Lizard Cage, winner of the Orange Broadband Prize for New Writers.

The Change Room takes an intimate look at the seemingly perfect life of a married mother of two, and a chance change room encounter that sparks a passionate affair. Author Ami McKay calls it “erotic. Truthful. Cunning. This is the juicy peach of a novel you’ve been longing to devour. Bless Karen Connelly for writing the life of a middle-aged woman with all the lusty bravura it deserves.”

 Married with a young son, Karen divides her time between rural Greece and Toronto.

Appearing in: 33. Writing Good Sexy, 35. Saturday Night SpeakEasy, 43. Wine, Women, and Words