Most of us know a girl or woman who has been bullied or abused. Karen Krossing’s latest novel, Punch Like a Girl, is an unflinching and honest look at this tough subject.

“I wanted to write about a girl with a hero complex who tries to save those around her rather than admitting she feels vulnerable. It’s an exploration of what it means to be a hero and a victim in today’s society,” Karen says.

It’s also a tribute to brave women everywhere who speak out against harassment and abuse—as well as a testimony to Karen’s considerable skills as a novelist. “A fast-paced book about healing through helping others, speaking up and physical self-defense,” says Kirkus Reviews.

The author of seven successful works of fiction for kids and young adults, including the 2014 Ontario Library Association’s Best Bets Selection, Bog, and the American Library Association’s star-reviewed Cut the Lights, Karen is a versatile writer whose work spans multiple genres, from contemporary realism to fantasy and dystopia.

“I never set out to write for children and young adults, but I’m glad I do,” she says. “Childhood is an exciting time, rich with possibility and ripe with the kind of conflict that breeds tremendous stories.” Her novels and short fiction provide ample proof of that.

Born in Thornhill, Karen currently lives with her family in Toronto. A superb speaker and workshop presenter, she loves to nurture young writers and help them reach their potential.

Appearing in 4. Punch Like a Girl and 10. Wordplay Workshop