“Every book is a new beginning,” says Kathy Stinson, the author of over 30 books. Kathy grew up in Toronto, sorted mail, taught school, and waited tables before figuring out — while at home with her two children — that what she really wanted to do was write. For her, writing is a way to connect people: “I hope all kinds of people … will see themselves reflected in some of the stories and feel validated, and that in other stories they will be taken into someone else’s experiences in entertaining and enlightening ways.”

Best known for her iconic and beloved picture book, Red Is Best, Kathy also tackles a wide range of topics in many books for older children. Her work has been nominated for numerous prizes, and her book about world-famous violinist Joshua Bell, The Man With the Violin, won the TD Children’s Literature Award.

Her latest book, The Dance of the Violin, revisits Joshua as a child participating in an international competition. It offers a valuable lesson on taking risks, making mistakes, and second chances.

When Kathy isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, photography, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, and walking with her dog in the woods near her home in Rockwood, Ontario.

Author: www.kathystinson.com
Book: www.annickpress.com/Dance-of-the-Violin-The