Laura Murray is a teacher, oral historian, writer and activist. She is a professor in the Department of English and in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, with research focussing on Southern Ontario treaty and Indigenous history, 19th century American literature, oral and community history, and copyright and cultural policy.

Laura was the director of the Swamp Ward and Inner Harbour History Project, documenting Kingston’s lesser-known 20th century industrial and working-class history through interviews with community members. Laura’s project culminated in a blog, a podcast, Stories of the Swamp Ward, and a community-wide photo exhibit.

Her current work centers on understanding Kingston’s complex treaty history and rethinking its attachment to 19th century political history; she teaches a course entitled “Unsettling Kingston/Ka’tarohkwi”.

Laura is also a cellist and was a member of the local band The Swamp Ward Orchestra. She has lived in Kingston for 20 years.

Appearing in: 14. The Importance of Oral Histories in Reframing History