Lindsay Morcom is an assistant professor in Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education, where she coordinates the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP). “ATEP’s focus on reconciliation means that we have a lot of deep conversations about things that have happened historically and currently in Canada,” says Lindsay. While these conversations can be difficult, they are essential for all educators, so that they can live up to their professional roles in the classroom and in society. She is also involved with the Kingston Native Language Nest, a community-based initiative that offers a safe space for sharing Indigenous language, songs and stories. The preservation of Indigenous languages is critical, explains Lindsay, because “language contains important information about culture, about ways of viewing and being in the world.”

An interdisciplinary researcher with experience in education, Aboriginal languages, language revitalization, and linguistics, Lindsay completed her doctorate in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in 2010.

She is an Algonquin Métis and member of the Bear Clan.

Appearing in: 4. Ghosts, Truths, and the Power Within