Surely it’s no coincidence that the word “chef” appears smack in the middle of Lindy Mechefeske’s surname. Cooking is in her blood.

“One of my earliest memories is being in my grandfather’s ancient Yorkshire kitchen and rolling out the pastry for jam tarts,” she explains. “I was three years old. I’ve had an enduring love affair with food and history ever since.”

An accomplished freelance writer whose writing about food has been whetting appetites for years, Lindy regularly serves as chef at Wintergreen Studios north of Kingston, where she has delighted hundreds of visitors with her fresh, local creations—many of which she has collected in the beautifully produced cookbook and tribute to the place, A Taste of Wintergreen.

Travel writer Laurie Gough calls Lindy a “poet of the kitchen,” and adds that her signature fettuccine is the best thing she’s ever tasted. Poet Lorna Crozier agrees. “Lindy’s meals are so delicious that you dream about them long after you’ve gone home. If the soul has a physical hunger, it gets satisfied at the Wintergreen table.”

Lindy’s latest book, Sir John’s Table: The Culinary Life and Times of Canada’s First Prime Minister, marries her twin passions for history and food, recreating an important era in Kingston’s past from an entirely fresh perspective. Thoughtful, witty, and full of sensual delights, it will give you a genuine taste of our city’s history.

Mother to two lovely girls and two needy animals, Lindy loves almost everything outdoorsy and is partial to really good milk chocolate, well-steeped tea, the colour purple, British films, the night sky, and owls.

Appearing in 35. Gourmet Blogging: Writing Creative Cuisine, and 50. Sir John’s Table