“Good poetry makes you feel less alone, because it always reminds you what it is to be human,” says Lorna Crozier, one of Canada’s most beloved poets.

Like the people and animals in her new collection, Lorna “defies / the anecdotal, / goes for the lyric, / music made from / bone and muscle and the grace notes” of life. The poems in The Wrong Cat are vintage Crozier: sly, sexy, irreverent, and sad, and populated by fully realized characters.

“Breathtakingly down-to-earth and reassuringly lyrical, new poems by Lorna Crozier are always a reason for rejoicing,” wrote the Globe and Mail. “Crozier writes of a world of imperfection, clumsiness, violence, betrayal, pain, and in spite of everything, delight and love,” said Canadian Literature.

In addition to The Wrong Cat, Lorna has a second new book, The Wild in You: Voices from the Forest and the Sea, a collaboration with world-renowned photographer Ian McAllister.
Whether she is writing about angels, aging, or Louis Armstrong’s trout sandwich, she continues to engage readers and writers across Canada and the world with her grace, wisdom and wit.

She is, as Margaret Laurence wrote, “a poet to be grateful for.” Or as Ursula LeGuin wrote in The New York Times Book Review about her collected poems, Blue Hour of the Day, Lorna is a “marvellous Canadian poet, storyteller, truth-teller, visionary.”

Lorna is Professor Emerita at the University of Victoria, and a renowned editor and inspiring mentor and teacher. She has received scores of awards. These include the Governor General’s Award, the Canadian Author’s Association Award for Poetry and the League of Canadian Poet’s Pat Lowther Award, twice, and the Dorothy Livesay Prize for Poetry. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and has been appointed to the Order of Canada.

She has read poetry on every continent other than Antarctica, and in 2005, recited a poem for Queen Elizabeth II as part of Saskatchewan’s Centennial Celebration. She is returning for a fourth appearance at Kingston WritersFest.

Lorna lives with author Patrick Lane and two cats, Basho and Roxy, in North Saanich outside Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Appearing in 43. Saturday Night SpeakEasy, and 45. Cats and Codgers

Website: www.lornacrozier.ca
Publisher’s website: penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/249875/wrong-cat#9780771023927