Maria has always had a love for reading and writing. So it’s no wonder she ended up in a job where she gets to do a lot of both! After two decades as a managing editor at OWL Magazine, Maria began working as a freelance writer and editor, with a focus on children’s content. Still a regular contributor to OWL, she also currently contributes to the CBC Kids’ website.

Maria’s children’s books include Weird Zone: Sports, Tastes Like Music: 17 Quirks of the Brain and Body,  A Beginner’s Guide to Immortality: From Alchemy to Avatars, Biometrics: Your Body and the Science of Security, andActing Wild: How We Behave Like Birds, Bugs, and Beasts. She promises that more are on the way!

Maria is appearing at the festival with Canada Wild: Animals Found Nowhere Else on Earth. In it, Maria explores a dozen of the over 308 species of animals found nowhere else on Earth but in Canada. From the Sable Island sweat bee, to the Kermode bear also known as the “Spirit Bear”, and from Nova Scotia to Nunavut.

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