Being the Book Editor at the Globe and Mail means sifting through a lot of books. “I “pick up” a thousand or so books each month – that’s roughly the number sent my way,” admits Mark Medley. Does he ever grow tired of the endless stream of literature? “If anything, writing about books for a living has made me even more enthusiastic. I know how much great stuff is out there. Yeah, there are a lot of crappy books in the world, or books that just don’t interest me, but there are a ton of fantastic books, too. I have “to-read” piles both at home and at work, and there are usually 100 books in the queue at any given time. I just despair that I’ll never read them all.”

Prior to joining the Globe and Mail, Mark spent more than seven years at the National Post as an arts reporter and books editor. He’s profiled many of the world’s foremost authors, from Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood to Jonathan Franzen and Martin Amis, and is in demand as a literary host and interviewer. His work has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine publications including Toronto Life and The Walrus.

Mark lives in Toronto.

Appearing in: 3. Adam Gopnik’s New York City