Mark Sinnett is a Canadian poet, novelist and short story writer. Originally from England, Mark moved to Canada as a teenager, and eventually made his way to Kingston, where he earned a film degree from Queen’s University. Mark’s first poetry collection The Landing was winner of the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. His other titles include the short story collection Bull, the poetry collection Some Late Adventure of The Feelings, and The Border Guards, a thriller novel that was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis award. The Carnivore, his most recent novel, is a narrative of disaster and betrayal, set in the Toronto of 1954 and 2004. The Toronto Star said the novel “weds the pinprick domestic intimacy of Alice Munro with the flop-sweat extra-marital intrigue of James M. Cain.… Sinnett, also an award-winning poet and story writer, has done his homework in preparing for The Carnivore, and he’s executed it with a palpable relish: Toronto circa 1954 is evoked with pungent immediacy.”

In addition to writing the best real estate copy in the country, Mark is a former Kingston WritersFest board member, and provided his invaluable insight on the program advisory of Kingston WritersFest for several years.
Mark’s appearance is supported by Author Patrons Michael and Penny Robinson

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