Matt Rader is the author of four acclaimed collections of poetry and a book of stories, What I Want to Tell Goes Like This. Matt describes his latest poetry collection, Desecrations as “a collection celebrating in the ruins, listening for music in a room of silent instruments. It has a heavy title and the poems sometimes try to look dark places in the eye–colonialism, failing health, banishment–but these are mostly love poems, the kind of love that persists when there’s no longer any reason to love except that you want to.”

Desecrations contains a dense and immersive series of sonnets. Quill & Quire praises “the smattering of tender existential questions and observances throughout” and, when discussing his body of work, states that “Rader has craft to burn and a compelling dark vision of life.”

Matt’s work has appeared in journals and magazines across North America, Europe, and Australia including GeistThe WalrusThe Malahat ReviewThe New Quarterly, Joyland, and Hazlitt. He teaches Creative Writing in the Department of Creative Studies at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan.

In an interview for NineteenQuestions, Matt said, “Poetry and fiction as categories are more like technologies to me, and narration and lyricism are modes through which these technologies can be implemented… For me, working in these different modes, attitudes and technologies is mostly a matter of emphasis in response to the particular conditions under which I’m working that day. Which is to say I have no rules about what can be what. I’m just arranging elements and hoping for the best.”

Appearing in: 40. A Quartet of Poets