Critically acclaimed American novelist Nathaniel Rich is the author of two novels The Mayor’s Tongue and, most recently, Odds Against Tomorrow, in which a mathematician hired to calculate worst-case scenarios for corporations is drawn further and further away from reality.

The New York Review of Books calls Nathaniel “a gifted caricaturist and a gifted apocalyptist,” Slate declares that he “has turned disaster porn into high art,” and Rolling Stone postulates that he may have written the “first great climate-change novel.”

Nathaniel studied literature at Yale before working on the editorial staff of The New York Review of Books and, later, The Paris Review. His essays have appeared in The New York Review of Books, Harper’s, and Rolling Stone, among others. He is also the author of San Francisco Noir: The City in Film Noir from 1940 to the Present, a book about film noir.

The National Post calls Odds Against Tomorrow “enjoyable reading, but from a serious literary novelist.” The enjoyment and the seriousness come from Nathaniel’s combinations of fascinations – film noir and the real-life disasters that we might be careening towards. Together these give Nathaniel’s writing a view from which our present world is lit at terrifying angles.

Nathaniel currently lives in New Orleans.

Photo Credit: Meredith Angelson