“The difference between most readers and an editor,” says Nita Pronovost, senior editor at Doubleday Canada, “is that when a manuscript is not achieving its goal, an editor knows how to offer the right guidance to help the author get there.”

And Nita should know. For the past five years as senior editor at Doubleday, she has helped a vast range of highly successful authors “get there,” including such writers Vincent Lam, Camilla Gibb, Kate Pullinger and Mary Novik and the bestselling suspense/thriller authors Joy Fielding and Linwood Barclay. Her historical list includes such homegrown national bestsellers as The Midwife of Venice, by Roberta Rich, and The Winter Palace, by Eva Stachniak.

She’s also a writer in her own right. She began her literary career writing book reviews for such magazines as Matrix and Vallum, then landed a job as editor with HarperCollins. It wasn’t long before her amazing versatility was recognized, and she was offered the senior editor job at Doubleday, a division of Random House Canada. Since then, apart from editing bestsellers, she has also ghostwritten a few celebrity memoirs and had a hand in creating the erotic bestseller
S.E.C.R.E.T., by L. Marie Adeline.

So no matter where your writerly interests lie, Nita can help you make your manuscript sing. In her Master Class, “What Do Editors Want?”, she’ll talk about what acquisitions editors look for and how you can provide it through self-editing and networking. She’ll be there with “tips, tricks, suggestions and hints for making sure your manuscript has the best possible chance of being accepted by an agent or publisher.”

And who knows? She may one day be your editor.