When asked what excites him about reading, Pierre-Luc Landry does not hold back. “I want to be thrown off balance, I want to be shocked, I want to be moved, I want to learn, to learn that I am deeply ignorant, I want to be amazed by the genius of a writer or of a form or a structure… I want to laugh and cry too, of course, because I am as cliché as everyone else. I want to feel… Books can provide everything; they comprise the whole of humanity.”

Pierre-Luc is the author of two novels, an editor, publisher, and professor in RMC’s French Studies department. “Literature structures the whole of my life”, he says frankly.

Pierre-Luc’s debut novel, L’équation du temps, earned epithets like “complex”, “ambitious”, and “beautiful”, and he was declared an author to watch by numerous reviewers including Bible urbaine and Radio-Canada Québec. Listening for Jupiter (Les corps extraterrestres) is his second novel and first title to appear in translation. It was awarded the Ottawa Book Award for French fiction. A beautiful piece of magical realism with a modern, existential twist, the Miramichi Reader calls Listening for Jupiter “a masterful accomplishment”.

Pierre-Luc lives in Kingston, Ontario.

Appearing in: 35. Saturday Night SpeakEasy

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