“Robert Lewis has written a brilliant, irreplaceable book… It is a remarkable celebration of our country and the value of a free and outspoken press.” — Bob Rae

Robert Lewis’ career as a journalist spans over four decades, including twelve years as a parliamentary correspondent and seven years as editor-in-chief of Maclean’s.

His new book, Power, Prime Ministers and the Press: The Battle For Truth On Parliament Hill, recounts the history of the press gallery on Parliament Hill who have covered 23 prime ministers and 42 elections in the past 150 years. The book was long-listed for the RBC Taylor Prize. The jury citation describes the book as “a timely and welcome reminder of the importance of a free and challenging press in times of political change. Tracing the critical role of the media from Macdonald and Laurier to today, Lewis adroitly uses deep archival research and dozens of current interviews to show how the power-and-press relationship has changed and not always for the better.” Author Roy MacGregor calls it “the most important book of the year… essential reading for all who believe in a free press, democracy and the critical role of responsible journalism.”

Robert lives in Toronto.

Author Patron: Lynne Kenny & Virginia Gordon

Appearing in: 36. The Big Idea: Is Democracy Doomed?

Website: www.boblewis.ca
Book: www.dundurn.com/books/Power-Prime-Ministers-and-Press