Ryan Ewing is the creative force behind Pocket Thoughts Zines, a collection of pocket-sized zines and original artwork on a cornucopia of subjects. Fans describe his work as zany, fun, cool, quirky, and sometimes odd, but always enjoyable. He manages to incorporate thoughtful insights, too. Titles include the irreverent Sporks Illustrated and the nostalgia-driven Growing Up YGK.” I grew up in Kingston in the 1980s and 90s,” Ryan explains, “and this zine is a bit of a love letter to my hometown… we reminisce about S&R, Bubba’s Poutine, hockey at the Memorial Centre, Studio 801, the slide at Lake Ontario Park, Lino’s, the Tragically Hip at Richardson Stadium, H-A-DOUBLE R-I-G-A-N… it’s Harrigan, Classic Video, Morrison’s, CKLC, the Singing Bridge, and my goodness so much more!”

Appearing in TWS3. Zine Making 101