“What would you want in your obituary?” a colleague asked Sandra Martin.

“That I asked good questions and wrote good sentences,” she replied.

Sandra is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who has spent a lot of time around death. She has won two National Magazine Awards and was a senior features editor with the Globe and Mail. Her previous book, Working the Dead Beat: 50 Lives That Changed Canada, which examined the history, culture, and future of obituaries in the modern world, was longlisted for the Charles Taylor Prize and was a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book.

Now Sandra has turned her unflinching gaze to a timely and controversial topic. Her new book, A Good Death: Making the Most of Our Final Choices, documents the growth of the right-to-die movement and asks the difficult—but good—question: How do we want to die? In her exploration of the way various jurisdictions—California, Switzerland, Quebec, and the Netherlands—approach the end of life, she presents readers with thought-provoking material and shares her own growing understanding of the complexity of our final choices. Readers are guaranteed good—no, excellent—sentences, from a guide uniquely qualified to explicate this profound subject.

Appearing in: 37. The Big Idea: A Good Death, 41. Writing Biography