In her latest book of poetry, Grappling Hook, Sarah Tsiang sifts through the debris of the twenty-first century and presents vivid portraits of the perils and joys of marriage, the fight for social justice, and the uncertain future that’s left for children of the digital age. Sadiqa de Meijer, author of Outer Worlds, asserts that Sarah “dissects our domestic intimacies with such a gorgeous blade. Funny, mature, unnerving, and tender, the poems in this book accomplish a brilliant balance between edges of love and violence.”

Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang is an award-winning poet, author, and teacher who has written for numerous journals, and is the author of several poetry collections, including Status Update, nominated for the Pat Lowther Award, Sweet Devilry, winner of the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and most recently, Grappling Hook, “an impressive display of Sarah Yi –Mei Tsiang’s considerable poetic gifts, and a love letter to those who are making meaningful change in unprecedented times.”

Also known for her imaginative young adult and children’s books, Sarah is the author the award-winning picture book A Flock of Shoes, the non-fiction Warriors and Wailers, and the YA novel Breathing Fire. Sarah’s work has been named to the OLA Best Bets for Children 2010, Best Books for Kids & Teens 2011-2014, and the Toronto Publish Library’s First and Best Books List 2012.

Sarah is currently the Poetry Editor at Arc Poetry Magazine and the English Director of Communications for Poetry in Voice.

Appearing in TWS 1. Writing Poetry and WR.3 Poetry Writing 101.