“I wrote a letter to Dundurn’s founder, Kirk Howard, during my first week as interim publisher,” wrote Kwame Fraser in Publishers Weekly. “The gist of it was that I was promising to him and myself that I would work hard every day to ensure the company he founded would thrive in the future.”

And thrive it has.

Dundurn Press has been a pillar of the Canadian publishing landscpape for fifty years. Recently, we have seen Dundurn re-inventing itself under Scott’s new leadership, including  rebranding with a new logo, the new Rare Machines imprint (a prestige literary list of adult fiction and nonfiction), a new mission statement focused on diversity and inclusion, and a new mandate.

In full, the new Dundurn mandate is as follows:

“Dundurn Press aims to publish contemporary trade fiction and non-fiction, focusing on works that amplify and elevate exceptional Canadian writers and important stories that reflect the world, satisfy curiosity, enlighten, and entertain. Our books will provide a portal into a place not yet known to the reader, where new voices and stories will be discovered. We invite readers and writers into a new home for previously underrepresented voices in our diverse cultural and literary community. Like our readers, we’re curious, courageous, and forward-thinking. Read with us. These are your stories.”

Kwame is appearing in:

WR11. How To Get Published