Shakil Choudhury is an award-winning racial justice educator and consultant with more than 25 years of experience in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. He develops training and measurement tools for organizations, and has led peace-building projects for communities in conflict internationally.  

In Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice, Shakil explores the emotionally loaded topic using a shame and blame free approach intended to meet readers wherever they’re at, regardless of class, identity, race, ability, or belief system. With a focus on exploring why humans do what we do, the book looks at the evolutionary impulses underlying our nature and our struggles with power and bias. “My ultimate goal in writing this book is to help average people regardless of identity, have a conversation about racism and discrimination,” says Shakil, “something that’s tough, almost taboo, to talk about openly—and bring hope to a topic that can feel so ultimately despairing.” 

“Shakil Choudhury offers a genuinely new and fresh understanding of how we see and so often do not see each other. He offers practical tools for insight and learning in transforming from an “Us versus Them” mentality to a mindset that honours and grows our deep diversity… this is a must-read for anyone concerned with race, difference, and diversity.” – James Orbinski, author and Head of Mission for Doctors Without Borders during Rwandan genocide 

Shakil lives in Toronto and is currently experiencing his most challenging and rewarding management experience: his two toddlers teaching him about fatherhood. 


Appearing in:
18. Deep Diversity: Enacting Authentic Change