From junior Wall Street investment banker to undercover farm crusader, Sonia Faruqi took a journey that changed her. She began with a short volunteer vacation on an Ontario dairy farm. Both fascinated and appalled by this new experience, she cajoled her way onto other farms, and even to a slaughterhouse, to witness large-scale egg and meat production.

Once Sonia’s eyes were opened to the unbelievably cruel treatment of animals and the dehumanizing effect that industrial agriculture has on factory farm workers, she made it her mission to continue her investigation, even if it took her halfway around the world. She also sought solutions to balance the financial, ethical, and health considerations bound up in agribusiness—considerations that consumers often ignore.

Project Animal Farm has garnered much attention and praise from diverse corners:

“Into an engaging account of the adventures of a young city dweller among the factory farmers, Sonia Faruqi manages to smuggle a body of useful—and disturbing—information about this most secretive of global enterprises.”

—J. M. Coetzee, Winner of the Nobel Prize

“Everybody who is interested in food policy and animal welfare should read this book.”

—Temple Grandin, Scientist and author of Animals in Transition

Sonia hopes that what she has learned and captivatingly imparts in Project Animal Farm will encourage consumers to demand a change in the way the food industry acts, to the benefit of not only animals, but also human health, and the environment.

Appearing in: 4. What Happens on the Farm