“I’ve always been drawn to situations in which a group of people becomes isolated, by accident, flight, or exile…” says author and poet Steve Heighton. “The isolation focuses the story as if on a stage.”

Steve is an eclectic writer, who has published in half a dozen genres, including numerous novels, and collections of essays, poetry, and short fiction. His most recent poetry book, The Waking Comes Late, won a Governor-General’s Literary Award.

His latest novel, The Nightingale Won’t Let you Sleep, depicts a Canadian soldier in Cyprus who stumbles across a secret community, much like Heighton did himself. “I came across a description of the ghost city of Varosha, sealed off and decaying since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974,” he explained, “population: 0… Before long I was repopulating it with fugitives, deserters, misfits and outcasts, and the story began to write itself”. The result is a novel the Toronto Star calls “powerful…an unsettling, affecting read” and author Annie Proulx describes as “a rich and disturbing literary thriller.” 

Steve was born in Toronto. A graduate of Queen’s University, he lives with his wife and daughter in Kingston. Steve is a past Kingston WritersFest Board member, and a repeat Festival alumnus.

Appearing in: 22. Poetry Reading and Art Show Launch, 25. Reading Men: Books (and Beer!)

Website: www.stevenheighton.com
Book: www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/541310/nightingale-wont-let-you-sleep